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Colombia's tourism

The Meteoric Rise of Colombia’s Tourism

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Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of its conflict-riddled past, Colombia is experiencing a tourism renaissance unlike any other. With record low crime rates, booming economic growth, and the promise of increased political stability, this country of 50 million people is quickly...
colombia's tourism

Colombia’s tourism continues to increase setting new record in 2018

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Colombia’s Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MinCIT) released a figures this week that show a marked increase in the number of foreigners visiting the country between January and May 2018. According to the ministry that oversees tourism investment, Colombia saw an...
Torre del reloj

The Top Things to See and Do in Cartagena, Colombia

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Cartagena is a port city on Colombia’s Carribbean coast, boasting colorful buildings, a rich history and plenty of things to see and do. Here’s a list of the top sights and activities in the city. WALLED CITY Located in the heart of Cartagena, this ‘walled city‘, protected by a...

Veleros se tomaron la Heroica: Sail 2018

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¡Cartagena de Indias recibió los veleros mas importantes del mundo! Durante la semana del 21 al 26 de julio recibimos en la ciudad importantes embarcaciones (veleros)  procedentes de países como Portugal, Chile, Perú, Brasil, Honduras, Estados unidos y Mexico, aproximadamente...

Getsemani neighborhood in Forbes

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Getsemani neighborhood the jewel of the old city. On June 22, Forbes Magazine published an article about the 12 Coolest Neighborhoods Around the World, in which Getsemani Neighborhood was listed, this makes us very proud of our city! We already know visitors love this place,...
cruise ship season

Cruise ship season: Our best one ever!

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Cartagena Tour Guide’s cruise ship season. Our 2017-2018 cruise ship season was amazing for us, we receive a total of 430 passengers coming by ship, our largest number yet, and also Cartagena in general had the highest number of cruises coming to the city, 225! including...
colombians dance

How to dance like a Colombian.

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WOULD YOU LIKE DANCE LIKE A COLOMBIAN? There are several cultures inside our country, every place you visit has its own characteristic type of music and a way to move, and it doesn’t make any dance more fun than the other. If you want to dance like a Colombian this article...

21 reasons why Colombia should be your next holiday destination

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COLOMBIA IS THE PERFECT HOLIDAY DESTINATION! 1. It’s turned over a new leaf Long synonymous with cocaine cartels, kidnappings and corruption, the last two decades have seen Colombia evolve from failed narco state into one of Latin America’s brightest stars. The 1993 death of drug...
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