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Our tour visits la Popa Monastery
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Cartagena Tour Guides By Martin Rosales

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Shore excursions: Cruise ship season

4 hours (approx.)
  • Visit to La popa monastery included
  • Top-notch services
  • Small group tours
  • customized services
  • Everything you need while in town
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    Are you a nature lover? visit the Colombian National Aviary!

    3 and a half hours (approx.)
    • Perfect for nature lovers
    • Take lots of amazing pictures
    • Let us personalize your experience
    • Contact us for more information
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      Beach tour at Playa Blanca, Barú

      8 hours (approx.)
      • Relax in this beautiful place
      • Family friendly activity
      • Appreciate Cartagena outside the touristic area
      • Private tour
      • Air-conditioned transportation
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        Cartagena city tour: highlights of the old city

        4 hours (approx.)
        • Enjoy the best view from La Popa Monastery.
        • Suitable for Cruise ship or Hotel passengers.
        • Family friendly activity
        • Bilingual guides
        • Air-conditioned transportation included
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          Walking tour of the old city.

          2 hours (approx.)
          • Immerse yourself in the charm of the Old City
          • Enjoy Getsemani neighborhood and its street art
          • Family friendly activity
          • Bilingual guide
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            Mud Volcano Tour! A fun activity for everyone.

            3 hours
            • Perfect for nature lovers
            • Entrance fee to the mud volcano included
            • Bilingual guide and air-conditioned transportation included
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              Private transportation: transfer services.

              • Visit Cartagena at your own pace
              • Top-notch service
              • Air conditioning vehicles
              • All types of transportation available
              • Personalized experience
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                Day trip to the Rosario islands

                8 hours
                • Enjoy this amazing gift of nature
                • Relax in one of the most beautiful islands
                • Taste Cartagena’s typical food
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                  Full day tour to Santa Marta.

                  12 hours
                  • Stop at the mud volcano for pictures
                  • Bilingual guide and air-conditioned transportation included
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                    Day Trip to Barranquilla

                    8 hours
                    • Enjoy the city of one of the most popular carnivals in the world
                    • Entrance fee to selected monuments included
                    • Bilingual guide and air-conditioned transportation included
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                      Our commitment to customer service is what makes Cartagena Tour Guides services stand out, we are committed to small group sizes and creating personalized experiences. Quality staff are important for customer service and this is never a problem at Cartagena Tour Guides because all guides are amazing in what they do! Check out the Cartagena de Indias unique experience for yourself!

                      Viagem cultural Documentary

                      We´re excited with Viagem cultural as our special guest

                      Cartagena é uma cidade localizada ao norte da Colômbia que possui um charme especial. Ela é a quinta maior cidade do país, por isso é de grande importância no desenvolvimento da região. Cartagena Infelizmente, para chegar até lá Não existem voos diretos do Brasil para Cartagena, mas a viagem é tranquila. Há voos que partem de várias capitais brasileiras e fazem escala na Cidade do Panamá ou Bogotá. O tempo de viagem total dura cerca de 10 horas.

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                      Founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia, Cartagena de Indias was built on the site of an abandoned Amerindian village, known as Calamarí, located on a small island of the same name. Born into a noble family in Madrid, Heredia left Spain suddenly because of a personal conflict that led to a challenge by duel. Arriving first in Santo Domingo (capital of the present-day Dominican Republic), he later embarked to New Grenada, settling in Santa Marta, where he took up trading with the native inhabitants. After becoming governor, he established himself in the village of Calamarí and founded Cartagena.
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